2021.05.21~22 JAPAN YO-YO CUP -International Online-
会員登録 – Membership Registration



■会員特典 – Member benefits
1. 会員番号の発行 – Issuance of membership number
2. 2021/05/21~22開催JAPAN YO-YO CUP -International Online- への参加資格 – Eligibility to participate in JAPAN YO-YO CUP -International Online- hold on May 21~22, 2021


■会員登録締切 – Membership registration deadline
2021.05.10 23:59 (JST)


*Payment and entry are also up to the above deadline.


Membership fee (for each cup / division)
¥2,000 or $20


(例 / Example)
1A – ¥2,000or $20
1A & 3A – ¥4,000or $40


*Entry fee is free.


■エントリーの流れ – Entry flow
1. 会員登録フォーム送信 – Send membership registration form
2. 会員登録費のお支払い – Payment of membership registration fee
※支払い : PayPal – (18歳未満の方は保護者の同意の上、保護者のPayPalアカウントをご利用ください。)
*Payment : PayPal – (If you are under 18 years old, please use your parent’s PayPal account with their consent.)
3. 会員番号をメールで受信 – Receive your membership number by email
4. 参加エントリーフォーム送信 – Send participation entry form


* Please make settings in advance to receive emails from “”.

* No refunds will be given after membership registration in any case, such as when the entry deadline has passed.


* Items that the event management does not allow, such as the transfer of member benefits, are prohibited.



The acceptance of membership registration has been closed.
2021.5.10 23:59 (JST)