▫︎ NAME :  JAPAN YO-YO CUP -International Online-
▫︎ DATE : 2020.11.28(SAT)
▫︎ Contents :  Cup,Guest Demonstrations,DJ/Live,Commercials,Sponsored Stage, etc.
▫︎ Live Streaming Venue : Thomason Studio
▫︎ Player entry : Free *Membership System :
Membership Fee : $20-
 (Per cup / Per division)
▫︎ Viewing Ticket :
Free (YouTube live stream)




JAPAN YO-YO CUP was established in 2020 as a yoyo cup to be held in Japan.
#JYYCIO will propse new directions for yoyo competitions to expand their possibilities.
We will hold various events, such as online cup, traditional cup, and more.
Players from all over the world can participate in these events.
The intention to use the name “cup” instead of “contest” comes from the idea of creating a competition current contest culture in Japan.
We will devise new competition rules based on the player’s perspective,appoint a music expert to act as music judge, and provide a place where participants and spectators can experience an international contest and revitalize the global yoyo community.
In addition, #JYYCIO will widen and reimagine the usage of music in the yoyo competition scene.
JAPAN YO-YO CUP -International Online- is to be held in November 2020, with 1A(single hand string) 2A(double hand looping) 3A(double hand string) 4A(offstring) and 5A(counterweight) divisions in a 2 minute freestyle format.  There will also be an Amateur division and over 30 division,with a 1 minute freestyle format.
We have appointed excellent Japanese yoyo players and musicians who understand yoyoing as judges.
We will actively promote the contest so that the tournament will attract attention worldwide.




▫︎Yuki Nishisako / Flag

Nice to meet you. I will be the representative of JYYC. I placed 3rd in the 1A division of the 2019 and 2018 World Yoyo Contest. This year, I was practicing every single day to become the world yoyo champion,but due to the novel coronavirus, the contest was canceled. Therefore, along with Yuuki Yamaguchi, we are planning and managing this online contest,and came up with the Japan Yoyo Cup. I would like to make use of my experience of competing in various yoyo contests,mainly in Japan and the United States, as a player to shape a contest from the perspective of a player. We will take on new challenges, such as prize money for the top players,which is not common in Japanese competitions. I will work without being bound by common Japanese tendencies. This is the first time for me to host an event. I will do my best with Yuuki, who has comprehensive experience as an event organizer.


▫︎Yuuki Yamaguchi / Yackle

Nice to meet you.
I will be the representative of JYYC.
I am a yoyo player, musician, DJ , and an event organizer,under the name of Yackle.
When I was 10 years old, I started to yoyo, and compete in yoyo contests. Because of the novel coronavirus,the amount of competitions this year has become almost none,
so we decided to have a competition that is possible to be done online.
We hope that many players will enjoy it.
In addition, music is an integral part of yoyo freestyles,and since with my expertise in music, I set up a new scoring method for music use. We will do our best to further the yoyo community and become a central part of
the yoyo community in the future, and will be grateful for your help.



▫︎hibari / Jun Mikai

Started activities as a graphic designer in 2008. Worked on CD jackets for many artists and artwork for various advertisements. In addition to providing designs for corporate logos and apparel brands, In yo-yo, he belongs to “sOMEThING by YoYoAddict” and “FIST SALUD”. He provides artwork to numerous brands both within and outside Japan.